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As policymakers consider reforms and new regulations that will redefine our industry, your involvement and support for TALHI’s Life Insurance Political Action Committee (TALHI LIPAC) is more critical than ever.

TALHI LIPAC provides financial contributions and support to state and legislative candidates that are tuned-in to our industry’s needs.

TALHI LIPAC not only enhances TALHI’s ability to effectively represent your company in the legislative and regulatory arenas but it also ensures that the collective voice of our industry is heard in the election process. By supporting candidates that understand our industry and its investment in Texas, we can help elect individuals that will be fair and open-minded as we share with them our priorities and concerns.

We’ve worked hard in recent years to raise the profile and effectiveness of TALHI. With your donations to TALHI LIPAC we can continue this momentum and ensure the organization remains an effective and respected advocate.

If you have supported TALHI LIPAC in the past we hope you will continue to do so and consider doing more. If you haven’t contributed yet, there’s never been a better time to start than now. I hope we can count on your support.

Jennifer Cawley
Executive DirectorTALHI
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TALHI member companies have been amplifying their voice in Texas through political contributions for over 35 years, promoting TALHI’s mission and maintaining the industry’s presence in the political process.

Today, TALHI LIPAC consists of two separate funds:

TALHI LIPAC Candidate Fund
For contributions to state candidates. Only funds from individuals or company PACs (state or federal) may be deposited into this fund. Corporate contributions may not be made to state candidates in Texas. Regulated by the Texas Ethics Commission.
TALHI LIPAC Administrative Fund
For corporate contributions that may be used to raise funds for TALHI LIPAC. This fund cannot be used for contributions to candidates. Regulated by the Texas Ethics Commission.

With the continuing focus on reforms and regulations that will redefine the life and health insurance industry, TALHI’s leadership is asking its members to help amplify the association’s voice by increasing their contributions to TALHI LIPAC. To encourage increased participation, the association has established the TALHI LIPAC Incentive Program to recognize and reward TALHI LIPAC supporters that meet certain contribution levels.

TALHI LIPAC Incentive Program: Amplifying the Industry’s Voice

Incentive levels may be attained with single or combined contributions to the TALHI LIPAC Candidate Fund, TALHI LIPAC Administrative Fund or through participation in TALHI LIPAC bundling fundraisers. Incentive levels are listed below:

Level Company PAC/Bundling Events/Administrative
Regent $5000
Supporter $2500
Friend $1000

Incentive Package for TALHI LIPAC Support

The incentives available to TALHI LIPAC contributors that meet one of the recommended levels will include:

  • Membership on the TALHI LIPAC Committee (Regent only)
  • Periodic TALHI LIPAC newsletter with Texas election and political updates
  • Invitation to TALHI LIPAC Dinner during Round Up
    1. Regent Level company logos displayed as hosts
    2. Supporter Level company names listed as supporters
  • Recognition as TALHI LIPAC sponsor in all TALHI LIPAC event material
  • TALHI LIPAC Inner Circle: Additional recognition for those companies contributing PAC or personal contributions of at least $1000 to the TALHI LIPAC Candidate Fund.

Help increase TALHI’s effectiveness in representing you. Enjoy the rewards and recognition of the TALHI LIPAC Incentive Program. Click here to see a list of 2019-2020 Incentive Program participants.

Questions About TALHI LIPAC

Why should I contribute to TALHI LIPAC?
Through its campaign contributions, TALHI LIPAC helps TALHI build strong relationships with leaders who are shaping the public policy that governs our state and industry. Combining TALHI LIPAC contributions with the organization’s advocacy efforts strengthens TALHI’s ability to ensure the voice of its members are heard on issues important to maintaining a strong and viable life and health insurance market in Texas.

I give directly to legislators. Why should I give to TALHI LIPAC?
While personal contributions and direct giving by company PACs to legislators are certainly encouraged, donating to TALHI LIPAC amplifies the industry’s voice by enabling larger donations to the political candidates who understand our issues. Bundling personal and company PAC contributions with TALHI LIPAC contributions is another way to support TALHI LIPAC.

My company doesn’t have a PAC. How can we contribute?
There are many ways to contribute to TALHI LIPAC without forming your own political action committee (PAC) including payroll deductions for your employees that can go directly to TALHI LIPAC, company contributions to the TALHI LIPAC Administrative Fund, and company-sponsored fundraising events for TALHI LIPAC. We’re happy to discuss these and other options with you.

Personal checks written to TALHI LIPAC can be used for contributions to candidates from the TALHI LIPAC Candidate Fund. Several companies that do not have PACs ask executives in the company to write personal checks directly to TALHI LIPAC. TALHI LIPAC also has an Administrative Fund that can accept corporate contributions. This money is used to pay for fundraising activities, such as TALHI LIPAC’s annual golf tournament, but cannot be used to make contributions to candidates.

How are TALHI LIPAC contributions determined?
The TALHI LIPAC Committee reviews candidates' background, legislative history, and leadership status in determining who receives a contribution. It is vitally important that a PAC the size of TALHI LIPAC be very strategic with its political dollars. TALHI member companies can help grow the PAC so that more contributions can be made. You are the key to broadening our influence.