TALHI Membership Information

TALHI memberships are organized by company or group. Insurance companies operating in Texas are invited to join as regular members. You will be asked to include your NAIC Company Code or NAIC Group Code on your membership application. If your company is part of a larger group of companies, each domestic and foreign life and/or health insurance companies organized or admitted and licensed to transact business in the state of Texas under Chapters 3, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 20 and 22 of the Texas Insurance Code within an applicant’s group system is also an applicant. Upon acceptance of the application, each company within an applicant’s group system becomes a regular member.

Other companies that service the insurance industry are invited to join as associate members. Associate members include law firms, actuaries, CPA firms, asset management firms, other trade associations, and similar businesses. Associate members have the opportunity to sponsor events, have speaking roles at meetings when appropriate, network with potential clients, and receive pro bono advertising at the TALHI annual meeting.

Any employee of a member company is eligible for discounted member registration rates at TALHI events, to register for members-only events, to have access to the Members Only section of the website, to receive member e-newsletters, and to take advantage of other membership benefits listed below.

TALHI Membership Benefits

Timely Updates on Key Regulatory and Legislative Developments

Staying abreast of developing regulatory and legislative changes is a critical role for companies operating in one of the most regulated industries in the country, in one of the largest states in the country. TALHI’s experience and well-connected team of professionals ensures its members stay current on proposals to change how they do business. Ongoing tracking of priority issues enables TALHI members to respond effectively to important developments affecting the industry in Texas. As a TALHI member you receive:

  • Legislative Alerts and Regulatory Bulletins on important developments involving key issues of interest;
  • the opportunity to participate in weekly conference calls during the legislative session, as well as bi-weekly calls on regulatory matters during the interim; and
  • access to local counsel with extensive contacts at the Department of Insurance, the Governor’s office and the Texas Capitol.

Highly Effective Advocate

TALHI’s advocacy team has decades of experience representing the insurance industry in Texas. By aligning the interests of member companies, TALHI ensures the industry’s resources are united toward common goals. TALHI’s ability to provide a strong and unified voice for insurance is invaluable in advancing the industry’s interests. As a TALHI member you receive:

  • regular legislative reports on bills with opportunities for input to proposed changes and suggestions for action;
  • legal counsel and representation from knowledgeable experts in the industry; and
  • an opportunity to interact with Texas legislators through participation in TALHI’s biennial Legislative Forum and Lobby Day.

Trusted Source of Useful Information

TALHI is the organization that both the Legislature and industry turn to in seeking answers about insurance matters in Texas. Serving as the resource center and clearinghouse for the industry in Texas, TALHI is in the unique position to provide trusted information to decision makers and industry leaders at the Texas Capitol and the Department of Insurance. TALHI’s broad membership has established it as a respected and influential voice for insurance. As a TAHLI member you receive:

  • the latest regulatory bulletins, copies and interpretations of laws, rules and opinions affecting the industry;
  • access to information on emerging issues and industry trends in Texas as well as the nation; and
  • a comprehensive summary of all important legislation passed during the legislative session which will have an impact the industry once implemented.

Connecting Industry Leaders and Interests

TALHI meetings and events allow industry leaders the opportunity to network with their peers in both business and social settings. These forums offer an exchange of information and ideas to keep key executives up-to-date on emerging industry trends and regulatory developments from around the country. As a TALHI member you receive:

  • opportunities to meet regulators, such as through the biennial Regulatory Round Table in Austin, Texas;
  • opportunities for involvement on policy-making committees such as the Legislative and Regulatory Policy Committee; and
  • connection to Texas legislative leaders, Texas regulators, and other industry leaders at association events including TALHI’s annual conference.

TALHI Highlights

We are pleased to share the highlights of what we’ve accomplished over the past year in our Annual Report. These successes would not be possible without the strong support we’ve received from our member companies doing business in Texas.

For more information about becoming a TALHI member, click here.